The Moulton Company Consulting Services
PC, Network, and Telecommunications Consulting

PC and Network Services
for Small Enterprises and Home Users

Pete, host of Technically Correct on WMAR Channel 2 and of the Dial-A-Nerd show on WCBM Radio 680 AM, is now offering personalized IT services for small enterprises and home users.

These services are offered initially at a very competitive rate. Corporate checks, personal checks, Visa and Master card are accepted payment forms for seminars and consulting services.

The Moulton Company does not sell hardware, we do not sell services. The Moulton Company solves systems and networking problems. Simply put, we want your home or enterprise to realize the greatest benefit from PCs and technology.

Today's businesses rely on their office PCs and new resources such as the Internet, Intranets, small office local area networks, wide area networks, and wireless communications. When these technologies work properly, they provide increased operating efficiencies, lower communications costs, and the ability to implement applications never thought possible.

Our Services Include:

  • PC Troubleshooting and Cleanup - makes PCs run like new
  • Network Cleanup and Problem Resolution
  • PC Virus Removal
  • PC Upgrades
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Windows and linux Server Setup
  • Developing Specialized Product/Service Publications and Seminars
  • IT Outsourcing
  • PC and SOHO Networking Support
  • Communications Cost Reduction
  • Competitive Products Analysis
For more information on what we can do for you please contact us at 800 432-6373 or E-mail us at

The Moulton Company looks forward to helping you solve your technical telecommunications, networking or PC problems.


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The Moulton Company provides on-site training seminars in computer repair and troubleshooting, telecommmunications, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, PC troubleshooting, network, virus repair, help desk support, telephone support, telecommunications for non-engineers, wireless communications and networks, VoIP, and TCP/IP. Pete Moulton is a nerd, speaker, and industry authority.