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You have seen Pete on TV and heard him on the radio, now get personalized IT service for small enterprises and home users from Pete and The Moulton Company. Check out our small enterprise services by clicking here or on consulting.

The Moulton Company is now providing IT outsourcing services for small enterprises at a very competitive rates.

We accept both Visa and Master card for seminar and consulting services.

New for 2003 4th quarter are two exciting seminars:

  • Installing and Managing Linux In Your Windows Network and
  • Installing & Managing Windows Server In Your Enterprise Network.
Both seminars are being developed for Edison Institute.
If you wish outlines for these or other Edison Institute seminars, please e-mail me.


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The Moulton Company provides on-site training seminars in computer repair and troubleshooting, telecommmunications, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, PC troubleshooting, network, virus repair, help desk support, telephone support, telecommunications for non-engineers, wireless communications and networks, VoIP, and TCP/IP. Pete Moulton is a nerd, speaker, and industry authority.